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My Oxford Bucket List

In anticipation of living in Oxford for the school year, I’ve spent some time looking up what’s actually in the town of Oxford and coming up with a list of the places I definitely want to see. I have to remember to explore the town that I’m studying in, because I know I’ll be planning trips to other British and European cities as soon as I get there! I know I still have a few months yet, but can you blame me for being excited? Take a look at my Oxford bucket list and you’ll see what I mean.

Christ Church College


One of the many colleges of Oxford University that I’m dying to see, mainly because it was the inspiration for the Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies!

Magdalen College


Look at the cloisters! Imagine the photos! So many beautiful colleges to explore.

Albion Beatnik Bookstore

Image from:

It wouldn’t be a proper Oxford bucket list without a bookstore. This one in particular looks just too quirky to pass up – plus it has a café!

Bodleian Library 


How incredible does this look?! I don’t know if I can actually use it, but I’ll try!

Radcliffe Camera


When I think of Oxford, this is what comes to mind. It houses another part of Oxford University’s library, and I’m very jealous.

Pitt Rivers Museum


The first of many, many museums on my things-to-do-around-Europe list. It also has free admission, which is always a plus!

Blenheim Palace


I’ve noticed that Europe is full of palaces and castles – which pleases me immensely. So of course there’s some in Oxford that I have to visit!

Oxford Castle


Speaking of palaces and castles – here’s Oxford’s very own medieval abode. The history buff in me is extremely excited.

University of Oxford Botanic Garden


I love gardens and, because it’s Oxford University’s, I expect this one to be of a very high caliber. Also, how stunning will it look in the fall?!

Wolvercote Cemetery


Yes, you read that correctly, I want to visit a cemetery. Why? Well, a) because cemeteries are actually pretty interesting, and b) because it’s where J.R.R Tolkien is buried and that’s just cool.

That’s my list so far, not to mention the myriad of other sites to see, restaurants to try, and places to explore. Museums, churches, buildings older than my country, gardens – I’ll never be bored! I’m still in the hurry-up-and-wait stage, so if September could please get a move on, that would be most appreciated.

Let me know if you have suggestions of other places in and around Oxford I should put on my list!

x Lauren


P.S. None of the photos in this post are mine (they’re all from Wikipedia or official websites), but maybe I’ll replace them with my own when I get to Oxford!


3 thoughts on “My Oxford Bucket List”

  1. Yes, scout out all the Harry Potter sights! I remember visiting Oxford, and they even had handouts with scenes from the movies. I also did a semester exchange in London last year, and it was wonderful! You are going to love the UK! Take the Oxford-London bus and explore all the places in London as well. 🙂


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