Hiking Rattlesnake Point

Some more backyard exploration! This is what I love about southern Ontario – I’m some 20 minutes away from a million different conservation areas and the escarpment which are perfect for hikes. My friend and I are making it our mission to do them all this summer, and I think we might actually make it!


This time it was Rattlesnake Point a couple of weeks after Mount Nemo and the two could not be more different. It was almost 30 degrees C and extremely bright (which isn’t my favourite weather because I’m not built for the heat) but it was really windy and we were up quite high so that helped us to not die of heatstroke. I think I prefer hiking when it’s cooler, but Rattlesnake point is still a really neat place. Seeing as it was the middle of May, there was more wildlife out – two turkey vultures kept circling near one of the lookouts, I saw a lone Canada goose flying across the fields, and the forest was full of birdsong and woodpecker hammering – as well as more leaves and flowers.

Lilac square Trillium square white flower squarebird rectangle

My friend and I have discovered that we’re terrible at following paths, so we did take a few wrong turns. In our defence, the signage was awful and I think it’s much more fun to take the smaller, not-necessarily-marked side trails! We also didn’t walk a half kilometre into a field like we did at Mount Nemo, so we’re getting better! This park is filled with lookouts that give you a fantastic view, and it must be one of the more popular areas because there were a lot more benches and smaller paths connecting with larger ones than Mount Nemo. You can tell it’s nearing summer because there were a lot more people out too!



The hike we ended up doing was a lot shorter than I think we were expecting, but Rattlesnake is full of hills and piles of rocks that we needed to climb up and over, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it (the heat didn’t help either). We also ended up looping around and reconnecting with the trail we took heading into the park, which isn’t ideal because you’re seeing the same things and essentially doing the exact same trail. I definitely preferred Mount Nemo, but it was still a great way to spend a couple of hours outside.



I think the next hike we do might involve a waterfall… So stay tuned!

x Lauren


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