A Week in Newfoundland

I didn't post last week (shock, horror) but I have a good reason - I was on holiday in Newfoundland and Labrador! It's an absolutely stunning part of the country, as you'll soon see, and I loved exploring the Avalon Peninsula with my family. I feel like my photos can paint a better portrait of… Continue reading A Week in Newfoundland

Book Reviews

Review #6: Colour

I like to think of myself as a creative, artistic person, so finding a book that is both informative and interesting and related to said creativity is fantastic! I first found this book when I was working at the public library while in high school, took it out and absolutely loved it. I then bought… Continue reading Review #6: Colour


The Adventures of Nessie the Tea Infuser

This past school year I took a photography course in French (because why not) and one of our projects was to do 'narrative photography'. Simply put, this means creating a series of photographs that tell a story or have some sort of progression. Living in residence meant that I always had to be relatively creative… Continue reading The Adventures of Nessie the Tea Infuser