The Adventures of Nessie the Tea Infuser

This past school year I took a photography course in French (because why not) and one of our projects was to do ‘narrative photography’. Simply put, this means creating a series of photographs that tell a story or have some sort of progression. Living in residence meant that I always had to be relatively creative with my projects because I didn’t have access to all of the cool and useful things that I have at home, but there was one little thing that I had brought with me which became my inspiration – my Loch Ness Monster-shaped tea infuser.


{As an aside, this is probably the single best thing I have ever purchased in my life – look at it! How is this not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?!}

I’m not entirely sure where the idea of recounting the adventures of an inanimate tea-related object originally came from, but I think it was a really cute idea and I’m pretty happy with how the photos turned out. My photography professor also loved it – he couldn’t stop laughing when I was presenting the pictures to the class (he always said it’s a good sign if he laughs)!

So today I thought I’d show one of my many photography projects, and it’s still related to exchange because Nessie and tea are inherently British (plus I really like the photos).

Nessie + tea_Clewes
Everyone should start their day with a cup of tea!
Nessie + books_Clewes
So many books, so little time
Nessie + window_Clewes
It would be the perfect day to stay in with some tea and a book…
Nessie + bag_Clewes
… but the wilds are calling!
Nessie + cactus_Clewes
The wilds of the other side of the room, that is
Nessie + art_Clewes
The day cleared up – perfect for a gallery visit

I clearly had way too much fun doing this project…

I’m thinking about bringing my little infuser friend to England with me, so who knows what adventures we’ll go on!

x Lauren

P.S. Mini exchange update for you – my visa application has finally been completed and now it’s a waiting game (again) filled with hoping nothing goes awry! Fingers-crossed it’s processed quickly so I can, you know, book a flight and all that important stuff…


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