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A Day in Bath

So apparently it’s November already, which means we’re approaching the end of the semester, which then means there are only a couple of day trips left! I love that the university put these on for us international explorers, and hopefully there are more next semester.

This time around we spent the day in beautiful, but rainy, Bath! It was Remembrance Day, and we arrived just before 11am, so we stood outside Bath Abbey for the minute of silence with a whole crowd of locals, tourists, and veterans before having free time to explore.

Of course the first stop had to be to the Roman Baths! All of the actual Roman archaeology is underground, so everything you see up top is Victorian reconstruction. The museum part of the Baths was great, though, because there were tons of artefacts and the original walls and such that they had excavated. Also, if you didn’t know, Bath is the only place in England where there is a natural hot spring. The Romans picked up on this phenomenon and built a temple and then the town. There was even a place where you could taste the spa water – I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you like warm, metal-tasting water! But it was all part of the experience!

The baths themselves are beautiful, with the steaming water a lovely shade of green, and they had people dressed up like Romans and projections of people in the baths to make history a bit more interactive.

After a spot of lunch, the next big thing to see was Bath Abbey! I don’t think I’ll ever get over how massive and beautiful cathedrals are, and this one was no exception.

All of the day trips are by coach bus, so we’re able to go pretty much wherever we want. In this case we headed out into the surrounding countryside to get a really lovely view of the whole city. Then it was back into the city centre for a little more free time after a walk around the Circle and Royal Crescent, two of the most famous (and probably wealthiest) streets in Bath.

It’s starting to get really dark, really early here, now, but that does mean everything gets lit up earlier! The Abbey looked really cool as we were getting ready to leave.

And that’s Bath! I really liked this city, and it’s definitely something you can do in a day – besides the Roman Baths and the Abbey, I found that there’s really just shopping and street-wandering to do. I’m sure there’s a million things I missed, though!

Until next time,

x Lauren


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