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A Day in Wales

Yes you read that correctly – the last day trip was to Wales! Anyone who lives in the UK or Europe won’t be amazed by this, but little old me from massive Canada finds being able to pop over to another country for the day incredible.

We started out by driving through the countryside to the border between England and Wales, crossing the River Severn (the longest river in the UK) on the way. Our first stop was Tintern Abbey, which I had heard about and seen photos of but was still blown away by! It’s huge and beautiful and set against stunning Welsh countryside, and I definitely could have happily spent the entire day there but, alas, we only had a little over an hour. I’m very happy we stopped though – I mean, look at this place!

We hopped back on the bus and drove an hour through Welsh countryside and a town called Monmouth before arriving in the capital city of Cardiff. Fun fact, loads of famous songs were recorded in Monmouth, not London – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Wonderwall’ ring any bells?

We had the rest of the afternoon to spend at our leisure in Cardiff, so of course I sought out the free museum/art gallery. It was also raining so ducking into souvenir shops and cafés was how I spent my free time! Part of me does wish I could have had more time to explore more of the city – the one downside to being on an organized day trip is that you have to be back on the bus at a specific time. It just means I’ll have to go back!

From what I did see, Cardiff is a lovely city that looks extra lovely this time of year! The Welsh are also huge fans of rugby, and of course we were there the day they were playing Georgia (Wales won) so we witnessed great Welsh pride and enthusiasm!

As usual, these day trips are great introductions to the cities and regions we visit – the only downside is that they end up back on my list of places to explore!

Until the next adventure!

x Lauren


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