Spring has sprung!

Well, for a week at least. Turns out the weather in the UK is almost as temperamental as in Canada! We had a beautiful few days last week – sun, 20 degree temperatures, blue sky – which is great for encouraging everything to turn green again, but also brings out the entire British population. I spent a day in London visiting with some extended family and enjoying the sun, and another day in central Oxford (although I’ve learned to never go into town on a Saturday when the weather is nice because every Oxonian and tourist is out)!

I’d love to know if anyone recognizes this building

I guess the UK has the same thing Canada has in that we get a week of lovely warm weather and then revert back to cool temperatures, overcast skies and the occasional bout of rain. I’m actually writing this with the sound of drizzle in the background and freezing toes! I’m assuming the saying “April showers bring May flowers” is true, but my weather app tells me we’ll be getting negative temperatures on Monday so that’s great…

By the way, have you noticed my full embracing of the British custom of talking about the weather?

Overcast skies are a little annoying for a photographer because it tends to wash out your photos or make them really dark. That doesn’t stop me from trying, though! I went into London earlier this week to go to the Sky Garden – basically a really nice little park at the top of skyscraper with panoramic views of the city – and it was amazing. It’s completely free but you have to book your timed ticket two weeks in advance and preferably the moment they’re released, because it’s very popular and they only have so many slots. If you can get a ticket, I highly recommend this place!


Left to right, we have Tower Bridge, London City Hall (the egg-shaped building), HMS Belfast, London Bridge Station, and the Shard. All along the Thames, of course!


St. Paul’s Cathedral is right in the middle, and the Thames runs outside the photo on the left.


I thought it was really cool to see the Tower of London from above after having been there in October!


One of the many things I love about London is the ultra modern right next to the historical – take the Tower of London in the last photo and the Gherkin here!



The view from the 35th floor is obviously amazing, but inside the building is lovely as well!

I hope you don’t mind this little weather update, but I haven’t done anything super exciting recently because it’s the end of the semester and everything has been due and I’ve had to start organizing my life for my return to Canada! I’ve still got some things planned before I head back, though, so stay tuned for those!

(oh, I did see the new Avengers movie, which was exciting and incredible and I’m still in shock)

Until next time

x Lauren


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