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A Day at Blenheim Palace

We’ve been having gorgeous weather in England this last little while, so I’m trying to make the most of it before heading back to Canada and into working indoors for the summer. One of the things still on my list was Blenheim Palace, so the other day I took a break from studying and spent some time there!

Only in England can you jump on a bus for under half an hour and end up at an 18th century country house that also happens to be Winston Churchill’s birthplace.

I arrived just in time for a guided tour of the state rooms, which was really interesting and obviously appealed to my history-loving side. I also noticed that Blenheim is really like a mini Versailles – over the top and covered in gold!

There’s also what I would call the best part – a huge sun-filled library overlooking the gardens. If I had too much money and time to spare you can bet this is what I would spend it on!

I mentioned this is where Winston Churchill was born, so there was a whole exhibition about him with stories and things about his life. You can see the room he was born in and if you pop into the town of Bladon nearby you can see where he’s buried (I didn’t go over there, though).

One of my favourite parts of any palace or country home is the beautiful gardens, and Blenheim is no exception! There’s even a waterfall and lake! This would be the other thing I’d spend my too-much money and time on.

And that’s Blenheim Palace! Loads to see, of course, so I’d definitely recommend a visit.

In other  news, I had my last exam today and I’m officially done for the year! This also means I’m now 3/4 of the way through my university career (eek!)

Until next time

x Lauren


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