The End of a Chapter

As you're reading this, I've been back in Canada for a little over a week after a whirlwind 8 months in England. I've gotten used to driving on the right-hand side of the road, met up with friends and started a new job, all while slowly getting over jet lag! It's hard to believe that… Continue reading The End of a Chapter

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A Day in Windsor and a Royal Wedding

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, I'm a big fan of day trips because you can see quite a bit packed into one day and you're back in time for supper. Somehow we've come to the end of my traipsing across southern England, because it's officially the end of my exchange! I had time… Continue reading A Day in Windsor and a Royal Wedding

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A Weekend in Edinburgh

I finally got back up to Scotland! This time around I had a wonderful weekend with UK Study Tours in Edinburgh and the highlands. I loved everything, but could definitely spend weeks exploring the gorgeous highlands! After an overnight coach ride, we arrived in the Scottish capital and immediately started on a morning walking tour.… Continue reading A Weekend in Edinburgh

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I’m in Harry Potter heaven!

As any self-respecting bookworm will say, I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter universe - books, movies, characters, settings, magical-ness, everything! I was understandably rather excited to see Oxford on the list of cities with partner universities that I could choose from for my exchange, because there are loads of places that appear in… Continue reading I’m in Harry Potter heaven!