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A Day in the Cotswolds & Stratford

One of the many great things about being an international student is that the university organizes a whole bunch of day trips to places around England for a lot cheaper than I would be able to plan. So of course I'm going to take advantage of every single one! You may have seen in my… Continue reading A Day in the Cotswolds & Stratford

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The GLOB’s Tips for Packing and Flying

Happy Saturday! I know it's late, but this post took longer than anticipated to put together and I've still been working, but it's here, it's here! It's getting dangerously close to when I leave for exchange (think constant-emails-from-the-university-reminding-me-to-do-stuff close), which means I've had to start seriously thinking about packing and preparing for the long-haul flight… Continue reading The GLOB’s Tips for Packing and Flying