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Review #13: Burial Rites

A travel-themed book review for you today! It's not an inspirational, happy-go-lucky kind of novel (are books about executions ever uplifting?), but it's set in a place that I've always been captivated by - Iceland. So without further ado, here are some thoughts on Burial Rites! Dust jacket synopsis Charged with the brutal murder of… Continue reading Review #13: Burial Rites

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I’m in Harry Potter heaven!

As any self-respecting bookworm will say, I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter universe - books, movies, characters, settings, magical-ness, everything! I was understandably rather excited to see Oxford on the list of cities with partner universities that I could choose from for my exchange, because there are loads of places that appear in… Continue reading I’m in Harry Potter heaven!

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Review #12: The Historian

Winter has finally arrived in the UK, with snowstorms and freezing winds across the country. While everyone is panicking about the cold, I'm just happy to have a bit of winter weather! I've been busy planning some adventures, so while we wait for them to happen, I bring you another historical fiction book review and… Continue reading Review #12: The Historian


A Weekend in Cologne and Brussels

Back in Europe this past weekend on a tour to beautiful Germany and Belgium! After the ferry crossing from Dover, we drove through northern France and on into Germany where we arrived in Cologne right in front of the cathedral. Our hotel was literally two streets away so we dropped our bags and then headed… Continue reading A Weekend in Cologne and Brussels


A Weekend in Amsterdam and Bruges

I can cross two more European cities off my list! I spent last weekend on another tour, this time to the Netherlands and Belgium. As per usual, we drove to Dover to get the ferry across the Channel to France and then drove on to Amsterdam. We arrived in the centre of town about 10… Continue reading A Weekend in Amsterdam and Bruges

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Review #11: All the Light We Cannot See

This week I thought I'd take a break from writing about my travels, and bring you a book review instead! (Don't worry, the travel-writing will resume next week) Today I bring you All the Light We Cannot See - an amazing WWII historical fiction novel - that actually relates to my travels, because it takes… Continue reading Review #11: All the Light We Cannot See