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A Weekend in Glasgow

I'm coming to realize how extremely conducive to travel the UK is - a couple of trains from Oxford and I'm in Scotland! This was my first full weekend away, which was a little daunting but I surprised myself by being able to get there and back, and see pretty much everything I wanted to… Continue reading A Weekend in Glasgow

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A Day in Wales

Yes you read that correctly - the last day trip was to Wales! Anyone who lives in the UK or Europe won't be amazed by this, but little old me from massive Canada finds being able to pop over to another country for the day incredible. We started out by driving through the countryside to… Continue reading A Day in Wales

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A Day at Stonehenge and Winchester

My most British trip yet! I'd say that Stonehenge is the quintessential English landmark and Winchester was the old English capital, plus home to the oldest school in the country and also Jane Austen. We arrived at the visitor's centre at Stonehenge and then, equipped with audio-guides, were shuttled out to the stone circle. It's… Continue reading A Day at Stonehenge and Winchester

Book Reviews

Review #9: Murder on the Orient Express

Happy Friday the 13th! I'm not that superstitious when it comes to this day, but I was rudely displaced from my bed by the fire alarm this morning... Make of that what you will! Today I bring you a book review of a novel by the queen of crime, Murder on the Orient Express. The… Continue reading Review #9: Murder on the Orient Express